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available-on-itunes-logo-smWelcome to Bullseye podcasts… thoughtful conversations about money and life. My goal is to bring you expert perspectives you wouldn’t hear otherwise… drawing from my 25-year network of proven leaders, world-class investors and bold entrepreneurs. They’re a perfect way to shorten your commute and feel a little smarter, hopefully with a couple laughs along the way. I post a new podcast every other Wednesday at 12 noon. Thanks for listening and enjoy. -AJ

Episode 108 (1/13/2021) — “Institutional Investor’s Top-Ranked Technical Strategist Chris Verrone Shares His Playbook for Q1”

Episode 107 (12/23/2020) — “Best Podcast Moments of 2020”

Episode 106 (12/09/20) — “Cheaper Health Insurance is Just an iWatch Away, Explains Vitality Insurance CEO Adrian Gore”

Episode 105 (11/25/20) –“HBS Alum and CEO Sharon Joseph on Helping Small Business Recover and Rebuild Amid Covid”

Episode 104 (11/11/20) — “What Happens AFTER You Hit Send… Encryption Expert and DatChat CEO Darrin Myman Explains”

Episode 103 (10/28/20) — “Hand Sanitizer for Your Nose, with Halodine Co-founder Dr. Jesse Pelletier”

Episode 102 (10/14/20) — “Positioning for the Race to Yearend, with Legendary Chicago Futures Trader Judd Hirschberg”

Episode 101 (9/23/20) — “Pure Stock Picking, with PMs Randy Gwirtzman and Laird Bieger of the Baron Discovery Fund”

Episode 100 (9/9/20) — “Surviving and Serving… with Acclaimed NY Chef/Owner Giuseppe Bruno”

Episode 99 (8/19/20) — “Funding Our Future, with Dream Exchange Co-founders Joe Secala and Bill Ellison”

Episode 98 (8/12/20) — “Negative Rates & Grape Juice… with former central banker turned winemaker Neil Grossman”

Episode 96 (7/29/20) — “Making Sense of the Fed’s $7 Trillion Experiment, with Academy Securities Strategist Peter Tchir”

Episode 95 (7/15/20) — “Markets & Life, with former NYSE Floor Governor Kenny Polcari”

Episode 94 (7/01/20) — “Actionable Options Trades for YOUR Portfolio, with OptionPit.com Founder Mark Sebastian”

Episode 93 (06/18/20) — “Lessons of 1929 for Investing in 2020, with DataTrek’s Nick Colas”

Episode 92 (06/03/20) — “How We Right the Ship with The Admiral Himself, NBA MVP David Robinson”

Episode 91 (05/20/20) — “Shepherding America’s Family Wealth During Corona, with Rick Pitcairn of Pitcairn Inc.”

Episode 90 (05/06/20) — “Meet the Main Street Banker Saving 35,000 Jobs in New Jersey, ConnectOne Bancorp CEO Frank Sorrentino”

Episode 89 (04/22/20) — “Why Europeans Are Buying US Stocks, with Stifel’s London-based PM Will Nutting”

Episode 88 (04/08/20) — “What’s the Message of the Markets, and Can We Buy Now? With Technical Strategist Chris Verrone of Strategas Research”

Episode 87 (03/25/20) — “Will the Fed’s $4T Bazooka Work? With Former Central Banker Neil Grossman”

Episode 86 (03/11/20) — “Are We There Yet… In Search of a Bottom with Legendary CME Trader Judd Hirschberg”

Episode 85 (02/26/20) — “Meet the CEO Leading the US Drug Development Company Chosen by Israel to Help Find a Vaccine for Coronavirus”

Episode 84 (02/12/20) — “US Farmland is the New REIT, explains Goldcrest Farm Trust Founder Edward Hargroves”

Episode 83 (01/29/20) — “Why 5G is So Much Bigger Than You Think, with DataTrek Research Founder Nick Colas”

Episode 82 (01/15/20) — “Our Game Plan for 2020, with former Weeden Strategist Michael Purves”

Episode 81 (12/26/19) — “Best of 2019… My Favorite Moments with 21 Amazing Guests”

Episode 80 (12/11/19) — “Your 2020 Buy List of Consumer Tech Stocks with Analyst Ivan Feinseth of Tigress Financial”

Episode 79 (11/27/19) — “Meet The Fixer… Dr. Andrea Bonime-Blanc… The Woman Helping Puerto Rico Emerge from Crisis”

Episode 78 (11/13/19) — “How Larry Byrd and Magic Johnson Changed Wall St”

Episode 77 (10/30/19) — “Stock Trader’s Almanac Editor Jeff Hirsch Shares Key Trends for Q4 and What Happens to Stocks in Elections Years”

Episode 76 (10/16/19) — “Reading the Charts with TheTechnicalTraders.com Founder Chris Vermeulen… What’s Coming in Q4″

Episode 75 (10/3/19) — “Charles Schwab Option Strategist Randy Frederick on Managing Volatility”

Episode 74 (9/18/19) — “Best-selling Author & Economist John Mauldin’s BIG Ideas for your Portfolio”

Episode 73 (8/14/19) — Democratizing the Dream or Re-inflating the Bubble, with Avocondo Co-Founder Matt O’Connor”

Episode 72 (7/31/19) — “Our Economy Today and the Factory of the Future, with I.I. #1 Industrials Analyst John Inch of Gordon-Haskett”

Episode 71 (7/17/19) — “What Worked in the First Half and What to Do Now, with Weeden & Co. Strategist Michael Purves”

Episode 70 (6/19/19) — “Gold Above $1,400?… Myrmikan Gold Fund Founder Dan Oliver Explains Why”

Episode 69 (6/3/19) — “Author Jamie Metzl talks about his best-seller Hacking Darwin… Genetic Engineering and the Future of Our Species”

Episode 68 (5/22/19) — “Chapter Two: Veteran NYSE Trader Kenny Polcari on Leaving The Floor to Launch a New Business at Age 58”

Episode 67 (5/8/19) — “Redefining the FAANG Stocks with Bloomberg Internet Analyst Jitendra Waral”

Episode 66 (4/24/19) — “Technical Strategies for Fundamental Investors, with Chris Verrone of Strategas Research”

Episode 65 (4/3/19) — “DataTrek Founder Nick Colas describes how VCs are betting big on AI”

Episode 64 (3/20/19) — “Reading the Charts with Charles Schwab Technical Strategist Lee Bohl.”

Episode 63 (3/6/19) — “Why Venezuela’s Biggest Bond Holder Wants to Buy More, Even Now… Meet Hans Humes of Greylock Capital.”

Episode 62 (2/20/19) — “CannaBiz… DataTrek Co-Founder Jessica Rabe on the Business of CBD”

Episode 61 (2/6/19) — “The Coming Collapse of China” Author Gordon Chang on US/China Trade

Episode 60 (1/23/19) — “Best Midlife Crisis Since 1987 Says Fundstrat Co-Founder and Longtime JPMorgan Strategist Thomas Lee”

Episode 59 (1/9/19) — “Keep Your Options Open, with Weeden & Co. Global Strategist Michael Purves”

Episode 58 (12/12/18) — “Interactive Brokers Option Strategist Steve Sosnick on How to Deal with this Crazy Volatility”

Episode 57 (11/28/18) — “What They’re Buying and What it Means, with I.I. #1 Retail Analyst Chuck Grom of Gordon Haskett”

Episode 56 (11/14/18) — “The Message from Main Street, with Direct Lending CEO Chris Oberbeck of Saratoga Investment Corp.”

Episode 55 (10/31/18) — “Commodities for Breakfast, with Granite Shares CEO Will Rhind”

Episode 54 (10/17/18) — “Where the Pros Go… on the NYSE with Veteran Trader Kenny Polcari”

Episode 53 (10/03/18) — “Find the Pain Point and Fix It, says Firsthand Technology Funds Founder Kevin Landis”

Episode 52 (09/19/18) — “KPMG’s Annual CEO Survey with Chief Economist Constance Hunter”

Episode 51 (08/22/18) — “Make Me Even and I’ll Never Gamble Again with Author Jerry Fine”

Episode 50 (08/08/18) — “How to Cut Drug Prices 40% with Pfizer Chief Economist Neal Masia”

Episode 49 (07/25/18) — “Building Wealth Across Generations with Rick Pitcairn of Pitcairn, One of the Oldest Multi-Family Offices in America”

Episode 48 (07/11/18) — “Integrating Options Into Your Portfolio with CBOE Market Marker Mark Sebastian”

Episode 47 (06/27/18) — “Straight Talk on Stock Action with NYSE Floor Governor Kenny Polcari”

Episode 46 (06/13/18) — “Bloomberg World #1-Ranked Economist Jason Schenker on How Midterms Impact Markets and the Economy”

Episode 45 (05/30/18) — “Balancing Geopolitical Risk and Geopolitical Opportunity with Legendary CME Trader Yra Harris”

Episode 44 (05/16/18) — “5 Tactical Trades from Weeden Global Strategist Michael Purves”

Episode 43 (05/02/18) –“Building Meets Blockchain… Reinventing Real Estate Development with Honest Buildings CEO Riggs Kubiak”

Episode 42 (04/18/18) — “On the Ground in China, Russia and Mexico with Geo-Political Strategist Dr. Komal Sri-Kumar”

Episode 41 (04/04/18) — “Making Waves with Ripple Strategist Cory Johnson”

Episode 40 (03/21/18) — “Bull vs Bear on the floor of the NYSE with legendary trader Kenny Polcari”

Episode 39 (03/07/18) — King of Data Don Ross, President of Trust Pilot Americas on Authenticity, AI and Cybersecurity”

Episode 38 (02/21/18) — “Broadway’s $100M Man: Tony Award Winning Producer Ken Davenport on Beating the Odds and Tapping into Greatness”

Episode 37 (02/07/18) — “Our Moneyball World with Tony Scott, Former U.S. Chief Information Officer Under President Obama.”

Episode 36 (01/10/18) — “Your Blockchain Action Plan with I.I. #1 Ranked Analyst turned Digital Entrepreneur David Garrity”

Episode 35 (12/27/17) — “Best Interviews of 2017 and 3 Big Ideas for 2018”

Episode 34 (12/13/17) — “How to Explain Bitcoin to Grandma over Christmas… and Which Coins to Buy Now, with Coin Lion Founders Josh DeWitt and Justus Luthy”

Episode 33 (11/29/17) — “Meet the Two Hard Lending Pioneers Beating Banks at their Own Game, Glen Gallucci and Mark Hill of Peak Private Lending Group”

Episode 32 (11/15/17) — “Process & Picks from Top-Rated Small Cap Portfolio Manger Mike Balkin of the William Blair Small Cap Growth Fund”

Episode 31 (11/01/17) — “Former SEC Enforcement Lawyer Ron Geffner on How to Structure Your Own Hedge Fund & What it Takes to Win”

Episode 30 (10/18/17) — “Interactive Brokers Chief Options Strategist Steve Sosnick on the 30th anniversary of the ’87 Crash and how to manages risk now”

Episode 29 (10/04/17) — Breaking into the Boardroom… How Activists are Turning Corporate America Upside Down, with Don Bilson of Gordon Haskett.”

Episode 28 (09/20/17) — “When Markets Meet Math with David Gurwitz, Research Director at Charles Nenner & Associates”

Episode 27 (09/06/17) — “Pricing Risk as Markets, Weather and War Collide… our conversation with CME legend Judd Hirschberg”

Episode 26 (08/23/17) — “Inside Japan with the first American ever to trade on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Japan-Insider author Jeff Uscher”

Episode 25 (08/09/17) — “Stock Picks from WSJ’s #2 Ranked U.S. Manager Randy Gwirtzman of Baron Discovery Fund”

Episode 24 (07/12/17) — “How to Amazon-proof your Business… our conversation with AI expert and ex-Barnes & Noble CMO Marc Parrish”

Episode 23 (06/28/17) — “Top Political Strategist Dan Clifton of Strategas Research: Why We’ll Still Get 10% Tax Cuts Even If Health Care Reform Fails”

Episode 22 (06/14/17) — “Bloomberg Equity Strategist Gina Martin Adams on What Matters Most Right Now to Institutional Investors”

Episode 21 (05/31/17) — “Goldman’s Legendary Bond Strategist Charles Nenner on Cycles, Shorts and Sunspots”

Episode 20 (05/17/17) — “Meet Wall Street’s Malcolm Gladwell, Convergex Equity Strategist Nick Colas”

Episode 19 (05/03/17) — “Bloomberg Intelligence Director Paul Sweeney on reinventing Wall Street research and his 3 Big Ideas right now”

Episode 18 (04/19/17) — “NYSE Floor Governor Kenny Polcari on Earnings, Politics and The Safety Trade”

Episode 17 (04/05/17) — “Vanguard expert Dan Wiener’s 5 Favorite Funds… and most liquid investment”

Episode 16 (03/22/17) — “The Fed Insider and Clarion Voice on How Low Rates Are Creating Our Next Financial Crisis”

Episode 15 (03/08/17) — “Meet the Bond Manager Who Beat Everyone in 2016”

Episode 14 (02/22/17) — “Behind the 8-Ball… But Ahead of the Curve” with Neil Grossman, former PM of the World #1 Wealth Fund Norges Bank

Episode 13 (02/08/17) — “Trading Tops, Trump Tweets and Land of the Rising Sun” with $2.7B Cumberland Advisors CIO David Kotok

Episode 12 (01/25/17) — “From Bookie to Best Seller & Back to Trading” with Amazon 5-Star author John Netto

Episode 11 (01/11/17) — “Bulls, Miners & the Best Short Ever” with Seattle fund manager Bill Fleckenstein

Episode 10 (12/26/16) — Special Boxing Day Mini-Podcast: “What We’ve Learned, Look Forward to and Love”

Episode 9 (12/21/16) — “January’s Playbook, Trump vs. Reagan and Booked-Up in Greenwich” with Michael Purves of Weeden & Company

Episode 8 (12/07/16) — “Retail, Reflation & What to Buy Now” with Chris Verrone of Strategas Research Partners

Episode 7 (11/23/16) — “Trump, Yellen and Italian Food the Day Before Thanksgiving at the NYSE”

Episode 6 (11/03/16) — “Presidential Cycles, Q4 Rallies & Why Prop 61 Matters” with Charles Schwab Strategist Lee Bohl

Episode 5 (10/12/16) — Election Investing, Stock Market Sweet Spot & Bonds Italian-Style with “Stock Trader’s Almanac” editor Jeff Hirsch ahead of the book’s 50th annual edition.

Episode 4 (9/28/16) — Fed Indecision, Florida Jobs & Why Washing Machines Matter with WSJ Best-selling author Simon Constable

Episode 3 (9/14/16) — Collars, Cash & Traps with Charles Schwab’s Head of Trading, Randy Frederick

Episode 2 (8/24/16) – Hottest ETFs with Kyle Woodley of #1 ranked InvestorPlace.com… plus what’s wrong with REITs, Retail & Oil

Episode 1 (8/10/16) – The Risk Cram-Down, Gold’s Disconnect & What’s Still Cheap

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As in the Cass Index of Freight Costs rises to 3.08, an 13% increase over last year and the highest since 1990.


As in Microsoft’s latest update for its Windows operating system includes patches for 83 separate security vulnerabilities.


As in US employers add 391,000 IT jobs during December, more than 13k per day according to IT trade group CompTIA.


“My ideal investing is stuff that looks a little crazy now and in 3-5 years is obvious.”
– LinkedIn Co-founder Reed Hoffman

“Most of today’s cars have at least 40 different chips, higher-end models have up to 150.”
– Analyst Sam Abuelsamid, Guidehouse Insights

“We are all stretched very thin, whether it’s warehouse workers, truck drivers or longshoremen.”
– Port of Los Angeles Executive Director Gene Seroka