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available-on-itunes-logo-smWelcome to Bullseye podcasts… thoughtful conversations about money and life. My goal is to bring you expert perspectives you wouldn’t hear otherwise… drawing from my 25-year network of proven leaders, world-class investors and bold entrepreneurs. They’re a perfect way to shorten your commute and feel a little smarter, hopefully with a couple laughs along the way. I post a new podcast every other Wednesday at 12 noon. Thanks for listening and enjoy. -AJ

Episode 91 (05/20/20) — “Shepherding America’s Family Wealth During Corona, with Rick Pitcairn of Pitcairn Inc.”

Episode 90 (05/06/20) — “Meet the Main Street Banker Saving 35,000 Jobs in New Jersey, ConnectOne Bancorp CEO Frank Sorrentino”

Episode 89 (04/22/20) — “Why Europeans Are Buying US Stocks, with Stifel’s London-based PM Will Nutting”

Episode 88 (04/08/20) — “What’s the Message of the Markets, and Can We Buy Now? With Technical Strategist Chris Verrone of Strategas Research”

Episode 87 (03/25/20) — “Will the Fed’s $4T Bazooka Work? With Former Central Banker Neil Grossman”

Episode 86 (03/11/20) — “Are We There Yet… In Search of a Bottom with Legendary CME Trader Judd Hirschberg”

Episode 85 (02/26/20) — “Meet the CEO Leading the US Drug Development Company Chosen by Israel to Help Find a Vaccine for Coronavirus”

Episode 84 (02/12/20) — “US Farmland is the New REIT, explains Goldcrest Farm Trust Founder Edward Hargroves”

Episode 83 (01/29/20) — “Why 5G is So Much Bigger Than You Think, with DataTrek Research Founder Nick Colas”

Episode 82 (01/15/20) — “Our Game Plan for 2020, with former Weeden Strategist Michael Purves”

Episode 81 (12/26/19) — “Best of 2019… My Favorite Moments with 21 Amazing Guests”

Episode 80 (12/11/19) — “Your 2020 Buy List of Consumer Tech Stocks with Analyst Ivan Feinseth of Tigress Financial”

Episode 79 (11/27/19) — “Meet The Fixer… Dr. Andrea Bonime-Blanc… The Woman Helping Puerto Rico Emerge from Crisis”

Episode 78 (11/13/19) — “How Larry Byrd and Magic Johnson Changed Wall St”

Episode 77 (10/30/19) — “Stock Trader’s Almanac Editor Jeff Hirsch Shares Key Trends for Q4 and What Happens to Stocks in Elections Years”

Episode 76 (10/16/19) — “Reading the Charts with TheTechnicalTraders.com Founder Chris Vermeulen… What’s Coming in Q4″

Episode 75 (10/3/19) — “Charles Schwab Option Strategist Randy Frederick on Managing Volatility”

Episode 74 (9/18/19) — “Best-selling Author & Economist John Mauldin’s BIG Ideas for your Portfolio”

Episode 73 (8/14/19) — Democratizing the Dream or Re-inflating the Bubble, with Avocondo Co-Founder Matt O’Connor”

Episode 72 (7/31/19) — “Our Economy Today and the Factory of the Future, with I.I. #1 Industrials Analyst John Inch of Gordon-Haskett”

Episode 71 (7/17/19) — “What Worked in the First Half and What to Do Now, with Weeden & Co. Strategist Michael Purves”

Episode 70 (6/19/19) — “Gold Above $1,400?… Myrmikan Gold Fund Founder Dan Oliver Explains Why”

Episode 69 (6/3/19) — “Author Jamie Metzl talks about his best-seller Hacking Darwin… Genetic Engineering and the Future of Our Species”

Episode 68 (5/22/19) — “Chapter Two: Veteran NYSE Trader Kenny Polcari on Leaving The Floor to Launch a New Business at Age 58”

Episode 67 (5/8/19) — “Redefining the FAANG Stocks with Bloomberg Internet Analyst Jitendra Waral”

Episode 66 (4/24/19) — “Technical Strategies for Fundamental Investors, with Chris Verrone of Strategas Research”

Episode 65 (4/3/19) — “DataTrek Founder Nick Colas describes how VCs are betting big on AI”

Episode 64 (3/20/19) — “Reading the Charts with Charles Schwab Technical Strategist Lee Bohl.”

Episode 63 (3/6/19) — “Why Venezuela’s Biggest Bond Holder Wants to Buy More, Even Now… Meet Hans Humes of Greylock Capital.”

Episode 62 (2/20/19) — “CannaBiz… DataTrek Co-Founder Jessica Rabe on the Business of CBD”

Episode 61 (2/6/19) — “The Coming Collapse of China” Author Gordon Chang on US/China Trade

Episode 60 (1/23/19) — “Best Midlife Crisis Since 1987 Says Fundstrat Co-Founder and Longtime JPMorgan Strategist Thomas Lee”

Episode 59 (1/9/19) — “Keep Your Options Open, with Weeden & Co. Global Strategist Michael Purves”

Episode 58 (12/12/18) — “Interactive Brokers Option Strategist Steve Sosnick on How to Deal with this Crazy Volatility”

Episode 57 (11/28/18) — “What They’re Buying and What it Means, with I.I. #1 Retail Analyst Chuck Grom of Gordon Haskett”

Episode 56 (11/14/18) — “The Message from Main Street, with Direct Lending CEO Chris Oberbeck of Saratoga Investment Corp.”

Episode 55 (10/31/18) — “Commodities for Breakfast, with Granite Shares CEO Will Rhind”

Episode 54 (10/17/18) — “Where the Pros Go… on the NYSE with Veteran Trader Kenny Polcari”

Episode 53 (10/03/18) — “Find the Pain Point and Fix It, says Firsthand Technology Funds Founder Kevin Landis”

Episode 52 (09/19/18) — “KPMG’s Annual CEO Survey with Chief Economist Constance Hunter”

Episode 51 (08/22/18) — “Make Me Even and I’ll Never Gamble Again with Author Jerry Fine”

Episode 50 (08/08/18) — “How to Cut Drug Prices 40% with Pfizer Chief Economist Neal Masia”

Episode 49 (07/25/18) — “Building Wealth Across Generations with Rick Pitcairn of Pitcairn, One of the Oldest Multi-Family Offices in America”

Episode 48 (07/11/18) — “Integrating Options Into Your Portfolio with CBOE Market Marker Mark Sebastian”

Episode 47 (06/27/18) — “Straight Talk on Stock Action with NYSE Floor Governor Kenny Polcari”

Episode 46 (06/13/18) — “Bloomberg World #1-Ranked Economist Jason Schenker on How Midterms Impact Markets and the Economy”

Episode 45 (05/30/18) — “Balancing Geopolitical Risk and Geopolitical Opportunity with Legendary CME Trader Yra Harris”

Episode 44 (05/16/18) — “5 Tactical Trades from Weeden Global Strategist Michael Purves”

Episode 43 (05/02/18) –“Building Meets Blockchain… Reinventing Real Estate Development with Honest Buildings CEO Riggs Kubiak”

Episode 42 (04/18/18) — “On the Ground in China, Russia and Mexico with Geo-Political Strategist Dr. Komal Sri-Kumar”

Episode 41 (04/04/18) — “Making Waves with Ripple Strategist Cory Johnson”

Episode 40 (03/21/18) — “Bull vs Bear on the floor of the NYSE with legendary trader Kenny Polcari”

Episode 39 (03/07/18) — King of Data Don Ross, President of Trust Pilot Americas on Authenticity, AI and Cybersecurity”

Episode 38 (02/21/18) — “Broadway’s $100M Man: Tony Award Winning Producer Ken Davenport on Beating the Odds and Tapping into Greatness”

Episode 37 (02/07/18) — “Our Moneyball World with Tony Scott, Former U.S. Chief Information Officer Under President Obama.”

Episode 36 (01/10/18) — “Your Blockchain Action Plan with I.I. #1 Ranked Analyst turned Digital Entrepreneur David Garrity”

Episode 35 (12/27/17) — “Best Interviews of 2017 and 3 Big Ideas for 2018”

Episode 34 (12/13/17) — “How to Explain Bitcoin to Grandma over Christmas… and Which Coins to Buy Now, with Coin Lion Founders Josh DeWitt and Justus Luthy”

Episode 33 (11/29/17) — “Meet the Two Hard Lending Pioneers Beating Banks at their Own Game, Glen Gallucci and Mark Hill of Peak Private Lending Group”

Episode 32 (11/15/17) — “Process & Picks from Top-Rated Small Cap Portfolio Manger Mike Balkin of the William Blair Small Cap Growth Fund”

Episode 31 (11/01/17) — “Former SEC Enforcement Lawyer Ron Geffner on How to Structure Your Own Hedge Fund & What it Takes to Win”

Episode 30 (10/18/17) — “Interactive Brokers Chief Options Strategist Steve Sosnick on the 30th anniversary of the ’87 Crash and how to manages risk now”

Episode 29 (10/04/17) — Breaking into the Boardroom… How Activists are Turning Corporate America Upside Down, with Don Bilson of Gordon Haskett.”

Episode 28 (09/20/17) — “When Markets Meet Math with David Gurwitz, Research Director at Charles Nenner & Associates”

Episode 27 (09/06/17) — “Pricing Risk as Markets, Weather and War Collide… our conversation with CME legend Judd Hirschberg”

Episode 26 (08/23/17) — “Inside Japan with the first American ever to trade on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Japan-Insider author Jeff Uscher”

Episode 25 (08/09/17) — “Stock Picks from WSJ’s #2 Ranked U.S. Manager Randy Gwirtzman of Baron Discovery Fund”

Episode 24 (07/12/17) — “How to Amazon-proof your Business… our conversation with AI expert and ex-Barnes & Noble CMO Marc Parrish”

Episode 23 (06/28/17) — “Top Political Strategist Dan Clifton of Strategas Research: Why We’ll Still Get 10% Tax Cuts Even If Health Care Reform Fails”

Episode 22 (06/14/17) — “Bloomberg Equity Strategist Gina Martin Adams on What Matters Most Right Now to Institutional Investors”

Episode 21 (05/31/17) — “Goldman’s Legendary Bond Strategist Charles Nenner on Cycles, Shorts and Sunspots”

Episode 20 (05/17/17) — “Meet Wall Street’s Malcolm Gladwell, Convergex Equity Strategist Nick Colas”

Episode 19 (05/03/17) — “Bloomberg Intelligence Director Paul Sweeney on reinventing Wall Street research and his 3 Big Ideas right now”

Episode 18 (04/19/17) — “NYSE Floor Governor Kenny Polcari on Earnings, Politics and The Safety Trade”

Episode 17 (04/05/17) — “Vanguard expert Dan Wiener’s 5 Favorite Funds… and most liquid investment”

Episode 16 (03/22/17) — “The Fed Insider and Clarion Voice on How Low Rates Are Creating Our Next Financial Crisis”

Episode 15 (03/08/17) — “Meet the Bond Manager Who Beat Everyone in 2016”

Episode 14 (02/22/17) — “Behind the 8-Ball… But Ahead of the Curve” with Neil Grossman, former PM of the World #1 Wealth Fund Norges Bank

Episode 13 (02/08/17) — “Trading Tops, Trump Tweets and Land of the Rising Sun” with $2.7B Cumberland Advisors CIO David Kotok

Episode 12 (01/25/17) — “From Bookie to Best Seller & Back to Trading” with Amazon 5-Star author John Netto

Episode 11 (01/11/17) — “Bulls, Miners & the Best Short Ever” with Seattle fund manager Bill Fleckenstein

Episode 10 (12/26/16) — Special Boxing Day Mini-Podcast: “What We’ve Learned, Look Forward to and Love”

Episode 9 (12/21/16) — “January’s Playbook, Trump vs. Reagan and Booked-Up in Greenwich” with Michael Purves of Weeden & Company

Episode 8 (12/07/16) — “Retail, Reflation & What to Buy Now” with Chris Verrone of Strategas Research Partners

Episode 7 (11/23/16) — “Trump, Yellen and Italian Food the Day Before Thanksgiving at the NYSE”

Episode 6 (11/03/16) — “Presidential Cycles, Q4 Rallies & Why Prop 61 Matters” with Charles Schwab Strategist Lee Bohl

Episode 5 (10/12/16) — Election Investing, Stock Market Sweet Spot & Bonds Italian-Style with “Stock Trader’s Almanac” editor Jeff Hirsch ahead of the book’s 50th annual edition.

Episode 4 (9/28/16) — Fed Indecision, Florida Jobs & Why Washing Machines Matter with WSJ Best-selling author Simon Constable

Episode 3 (9/14/16) — Collars, Cash & Traps with Charles Schwab’s Head of Trading, Randy Frederick

Episode 2 (8/24/16) – Hottest ETFs with Kyle Woodley of #1 ranked InvestorPlace.com… plus what’s wrong with REITs, Retail & Oil

Episode 1 (8/10/16) – The Risk Cram-Down, Gold’s Disconnect & What’s Still Cheap

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As in CVS opens 16 drive-through corona testing sites in Arizona as part of a pilot program before rolling out national coverage.


As in tanker operator Frontline Ltd sees earnings quadruple to $165M due to surging demand from speculators for “floating storage” since oil tanks on land are already full.


As in the first all-electronic trading sessions in the NYSE’s 228-year history have resulted in better execution for customers than when traders handled orders manually, according to a new study by the Social Science Research Network.



“My ideal investing is stuff that looks a little crazy now and in 3-5 years is obvious.”
– Reed Hoffman, Co-Founder LinkedIn.

“You’re talking about achieving Instagram-like scale in a matter of weeks, which is extremely difficult unless you have a compelling value proposition.
– Covid Watch software engineer Jesse Colligan on building the data-tracking platform from scratch

“Last quarter was unlike anything I’ve ever seen. It was volatile. It was intense.”
– Target CEO Brian Cornell on keeping up with a 141% surge in e-commerce orders.