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As in seaborne imports of cars and trucks arriving at US ports decline 11.1% YoY in January.


As in the NY Fed’s probability of recession this year rises to 24%, the highest since 2009 as yield curves continues to flatten.


As in Amazon’s new HQ in NYC is expected to generate $27B in tax revenue for the city through 2045, but local politicians want to scuttle the deal over $3B in near-term tax breaks they call too generous.


“A win on infrastructure will require real investment, not budgetary gimmicks as in years past.”
— American Trucking Association CEO Chris Spears on apparent bipartisan support to repair roads and bridges following the State of the Union.

“Baring any material negative development on the trade front, we see the March 2019 quarter as marking the bottom of the cycle. ”
–Microchip Technology CEO Steve Sanghi providing another data point in the ongoing debate about whether semiconductors have bottomed.

“We believe Barbie and Hot Wheels brands will remain the driving forces behind Mattel’s top line.”
–Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Caitlin Noselli as shares surge 30% in one day on strong earnings.